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Aromas Water's NewsSplash! Third Quarter 2020

The last NewsSplash mentioned spring cleaning one of our wells was in progress. We are happy to report that this activity is now complete with the well fully operational and pumping more efficiently to bring you great quality water.

It certainly feels odd not to have many of the usual community events this year including Aromas Day where the District Staff all enjoy being part of the parade and being outside our office to greet everyone!

As the weather warms up our gardens get thirsty! There are many interesting, beautiful and ingenious ways to conserve water through smart watering practices and Xeriscaping which is very different from “zeroscaping” or hardscaping. Xeriscaping design principles promote healthier plants and use the right plants for our area. There is plenty of mulch available to Aromas gardeners for free at the Aromas Fire Station, which is a key component of xeriscaping, helping to retain moisture at the roots and keeps the roots cool. This is especially important for trees which, of all the living things in the garden, take the longest to show drought stress.

With the same sentiment as last quarter, the District Staff hope you are all continuing to stay safe and well as the Shelter-In-Place order continues and children begin school for the new semester. The Water District office, although closed to public visits, remains open via phone to assist our customers in a variety of ways, including assistance with making payments or answering questions. Our Board continues to meet via Zoom on a monthly basis (fourth Tuesday of the month, check the meeting schedule) and should you wish to attend, please follow the links available in the current Board packet available on the home page of this website.