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Water quality basics

All of our water comes from three groundwater wells located right here in the Aromas area. Water from two of the wells is treated to remove iron and manganese. Iron and manganese are naturally occurring elements common throughout the area and pose no health risks. However they are removed to improve the look and taste of the water and reduce laundry staining.

State law requires that a small chlorine residual be maintained in all parts of the system at all times. This is to prevent bacteria and viruses from surviving in the water. Because chlorine levels fall with time and heat, enough chlorine is added to ensure that a residual remains in the farthest part of the systems on the hottest days. Less chlorine is added in the cooler winter months.

Many nearby water systems have problems with contaminants such as nitrates, chromium 6 or arsenic,  However the levels in all three of our wells are far below the maximum levels and no treatment is required. It would be very expensive to treat for these contaminants and so we are fortunate to have such high quality water!

Aromas Water District does not add any fluoride to the water (no fluoridation).

Stringent water testing is conducted under the oversight of the State Water Resources Control Board. These test results must be publicly reported to all users, usually in June of each year via a Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs) of Water Quality mailed to every consumer. The report can also be found on this website; click here to view the Water Quality reports. The results of every test are public record and can be reviewed at the District office.