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Services, Payments and Rates


Welcome to the Aromas Water District! We have been serving the community since 1959. A publicly elected Board of Directors governs our District and open meetings are held each month.

Our water comes from deep wells and undergoes regular testing. Each year our customers are mailed a Water Quality Report showing the results of this testing. See the Water Quality section of this website for more information.

Office and Field Services

Office hours: Our office hours are 9AM to 5PM Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Field staff: Our two operations/field staff check the system five times per week and constantly monitor the system conditions to keep the water flowing. Much of the system can be controlled remotely via a SCADA system. For emergencies/incidents our field staff are on-call 24 hours a day.

Monthly meter reading and billing: Every active meter is read every month. Meters are read either via radio signal or visually/manually.  Reading over 900 active meters takes about two days and is completed as close to the end of the month as possible. Bills are mailed the first week of each month and are due on the 25th of the month. Late fees apply.

Bulk water:  We sell bulk water for a monthly base fee, plus the amount used. Overhead and side fill available.

Billing and Payment Services

Customer's have several options to pay their monthly bills (due by the 25th of each month):

  1. Automatic monthly checking account deduction, (More...)
  2. Online electronic payments (3% fees apply)
  3. Electronic check issued and mailed by your bank. Please allow time for delivery by the 25th.
  4. Paying by mail. Allow enough time for delivery by the 25th. Please do not send cash.
  5. Placing your payment in our drop box (include the bottom portion of your bill. No cash please)
  6. Calling us with a credit/debit card (fees apply)
  7. Come into the office to pay in person with cash, credit/debit card or check- we always enjoy your visits!

We look forward to serving you!