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Board of Directors Handbook

Purpose and Scope

The Board of Directors (BoD) handbook is intended to guide a new, or existing, Director in their role. There follows a list of inclusions, most of which are available in electronic format by following the links below to the original online resource.

Items that are not available as online links are made available electronically as a PDF or hard copy on request.


Board Member Basics

1. AWD Board of Directors Policy Manual 2022

Board reviewed: 2.22.2022 / New Section 108 adopted & added 4.26.2022

2. CSDA Special District Board Member Handbook - 2020 Update

3. Brown Act Compliance Legislation

4. California Water Codes:

5. ACWA Local Outreach Handbook

6. Map of Sphere of Influence and Annexation Boundaries

Contact Info & Staff

7. Current Organization Chart 

8. Current Contact Lists:

9. A Job Description for the General Manager

10. The Conflict of Interest Code and a Form 700


11. The most recent Annual Water Quality Report (CCR)

12. Most recent Staff Report Explaining the Expense Budget, plus the Expense Budget spreadsheet


13. The most recent Capital Budget

14. The most recent Financial Audit Report

15. The most recent Water Rates and Water Capacity Charges Study (2019)