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Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency

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The Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency (PVWMA) is a state-chartered water management district formed to efficiently and economically manage existing and supplemental water supplies in order to prevent further increase in, and to accomplish continuing reduction of, long-term overdraft. The agency also works to provide and ensure sufficient water supplies for present and future anticipated needs within its boundaries, generally the greater coastal Pajaro Valley.

The Aromas Water District falls mostly in the boundary of the PVWMA and we help support the mitigation measures of the agency by way of a well augmentation fee. Customers see this fee listed as a separate line item on your monthly water bill; these funds are passed through to the PVWMA to support their efforts to solve the overdraft of the Pajaro Basin.

Visit the PVWMA site,

View a presentation by Brian Lockwood, CHg, Senior Hydrologist at PVWMA.