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Aromas Water's NewsSplash! Third Quarter 2019

If you have visited or passed by our downtown office recently, did you happen to notice the banner outside the office? On July 23, 2019 staff and Board celebrated the 60th anniversary of the incorporation of the Aromas Water District! In many respects, the District has come a long way during that time, consistently providing high quality potable water to the Aromas residents. The District also continues to enjoy a supportive role in the local community, participating in, or providing facilities for, many annual events as well as a much needed meeting room for many local organizations and groups.

In the Fall you may notice a small increase in your bill; every five years a special study is done to ensure our rates are fair and equitable, and sufficient to provide the District with the resources to perform some much need upgrades and improvement of aging parts of our system. All our customers have been good at conserving water during the drought over the last few years, but the District's Auditors indicated that financial reserves for system upgrade are at a minimum. Whilst we continue to encourage you to conserve, know that you are helping to ensure the provision of good quality water for future generations.

At the end of the last quarter you should have received our Annual Water Quality Report by mail. If you did not receive your copy, it is readily available on the Districts' website here, or we still have a few printed copies at the downtown District office. We know water quality is an important issue for many residents, including many of the District staff who live locally, so we are pleased to be able to offer good quality water with no salt water intrusion or agricultural contaminants.

The Staff at AWD wish you and yours a wonderful Holiday Season!