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Aromas Water's NewsSplash! Third Quarter 2018

Did you know July 2018 was the hottest July ever recorded? Who knew? Despite increased demand during the summer, our well levels are looking good as we head into the winter months. Let's hope for plenty of rain this year to keep Aromas green!

We hope you found your copy of the Consumer Confidence Report for the year 2017 informative and interesting? As you can see there are numerous facts and figures about our water testing that have to be gathered and calculated to give you accurate information about our rigorous water testing to ensure you, our customers, receive the best possible quality water.

District staff works hard providing the highest quality water for the lowest cost possible, however, the cost of everything tends to increase each year; parts, fuel, treatment and testing amongst other things, so you may have noticed that there was a small increase in the water rate at the beginning of July. This is the result of a in-depth rate study which occurs every five years. This is the last increase from the previous five year period, so a new study is about to take place and will take effect in July 2019. The solar field next to the Fire Station continues to help us keep the cost of power, used in pumping, as low as possible, especially during peak demand. Our Operators work tirelessly to maintain the infrastructure and ensure minimal loss of our precious resource.

We hope you enjoyed Aromas Day as much as we did this year. You may have noticed during the parade that Aromas Water had a new Operations truck. We had to finally accept the necessity of purchasing a new Operations truck as, after fourteen years of hard driving to access some of our remotest sites, our oldest truck had reached a point where maintenance and repair was no longer cost effective. We had a tremendous experience with Salinas Valley Ford Truck Center who gave us a great deal including adding features that will avoid potential injuries to our staff, such as a tail-gate lift mechanism for heavy equipment and supplies.

We efficiently completed our annual financial audit which went very smoothly this year, so we look forward to the Financial Report later this year which will be posted on this website for all our customers to view.