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Aromas Water's NewsSplash! Fourth Quarter 2020

As the pandemic continues, we here at the District hope you remain safe and well. The Water District office, although still closed to public visits, remains open via phone to assist you in a variety of ways, including making payments or answering your questions. It’s lovely to see some customers cheerfully wave through the window as they drop off their payments in the lock box at our front door; it makes our day!

Our Board continues to meet, via Zoom, on a monthly basis (fourth Tuesday of the the month, check the meeting schedule) and should you wish to attend, please follow the links available in the current Board packet available on the home page of this website.

We say goodbye to a long-time serving Board Member, Mr. Wayne Norton, who supported the District as a Board Member with astute forward thinking over his eight years of service. We welcome a new addition to our Board in the form of Vicki Morris who brings a wealth of knowledge and previous experience as General Manager of the District for many years. The District is looking forward to benefitting from her wisdom for many years to come.

With the La Niña winter upon us, the weather certainly has been interesting! The rain year starts in October so up to the end of September 2020 there was a total of 16.72” inches for 2019-20. Since October through to the end of December 2020 there has only been a total of 2.04”. Every one of those inches are precious as they recharge the aquifer we all rely upon, so conservation, even in small ways, continues to be key. The last NewsSplash mentioned Xeriscaping, so if you missed it, it is worthwhile to check it out – previous NewsSplashes are available over in the blue column.

If you’ve ventured into downtown Aromas recently, you may have noticed that the District demonstration garden is undergoing a bit of a facelift. We know many members of the community enjoy our garden, especially during the annual garden tour held by the local artist group AHA. During this quiet time, our gardener decided it was time to take out plants that were rather long and lanky and finally tackle the giant agave plant, nicknamed “The Monster”, which had done exceedingly well in our garden – a little too well – and had become rather a spiky hazard to visitors! Watch this space for more ideas on low water usage plants!