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Aromas Water's NewsSplash! Fourth Quarter 2017

We are excited to announce that we have a new General Manager here at Aromas Water! Robert Johnson has enjoyed a long term career in the water industry and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the District. Click here for more.

We bid farewell and Happy Retirement to Vicki Morris who has been with Aromas Water for twenty four years and the General Manager at Aromas Water for the last eight of those and she leaves the District in great shape.  We will miss her…

Come in and meet our new Customer Service Representative, Toleen Gonzales, who joined the District in November, 2017. She replaces Ester Giron who has been promoted to Accounts Clerk. Louise Coombes, who previously took care of the Accounts, has now been promoted to Admin Services Officer / Board Secretary. Click here to read more about our friendly staff.

Because of the excellent maintenance work our Operations Team does on a daily basis, the loss of water across the system has been less than 5% for over eighteen months; this is well below the industry standard.  In addition, the District regularly tests our water, system-wide, and we are pleased to confirm that there is no sign of coliform bacteria, plus the water treatment plant is functioning well to remove naturally occurring iron and manganese from our water. Click here to see a full Water Quality Report for 2016. A new report for 2017 will be available in June 2018.

Aromas Water continues to offer mulch to the community for weed control and water retention - it is available adjacent to the Aromas Fire Department building at the corner of Seely and Carpenteria. 

The rain fall year begins on October 1st each year, so let's hope we all enjoy some steady rainfall this coming winter! Check out the Aromas Water weather station.