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Aromas Water's NewsSplash! First Quarter 2021

Despite the ongoing pandemic, business at the District continues and we welcome phone calls from customers, though we are still exercising caution regarding people entering our office.

This winter has turned out to be a dry one with a total rainfall of 9.28” by the end of March compared to last year’s total of 16.72”, so being mindful of water leaks and over-watering our gardens is becoming ever-more important.

We are often asked if we provide a rebate for the conversion of lawn to a more drought tolerant landscaping. Although the District does not have the resources to provide such funding, you might like to check out: if you live in San Benito County. Also, for California:  These rebate programs have been extremely popular!

You may also consider installing a rain barrel or two to collect rainfall next winter for watering the garden. Did you know, one inch of rainfall over one square foot gives you about 0.6 gallons of water? This website by the Water Awareness Committee provides many interesting and useful resources for catchment, xeriscaping and watering guidelines as well as using native plants: