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Aromas Water's NewsSplash! First Quarter 2020

As the year 2020 approached, many had expectations about what would come about, or what could happen – somewhat like a new beginning. The first three months shaped up to be a bit dry weather-wise, and folks began preparing for a possibly dry year; then April hit (but you will have to wait for NewsSplash! Second Quarter for more on that) …

Then something no one expected happened – the world was hit with a global Coronavirus pandemic – and the way we live and go about our lives has changed and may be changed forever… Essential and Non-Essential functions were identified, and essential functions needed to carry on, despite Shelter-in-Place orders from the State and Federal officials.

The delivery of water to customers was identified as an Essential function, and with that, our staff has been there for the Aromas Community; providing high-quality water that is safe for consumption, as well as prioritizing the safety of its customers and staff. To that end, precautionary measures were taken to be a responsible member of the community, and not act irresponsibly. The District office quickly implemented plans to protect both our staff and customers by; 1) changing shifts of our office staff to continue fulfilling our business responsibilities, 2) excluding public access to our office for everyone’s protection and safety, while providing payment options and extended phone coverage to meet their needs and 3) having our operators work in a way that protects them, as well as the customers they serve.

This is not an easy time for anyone, we understand that, and empathize with those around us. Please remember, this too shall pass, and there will be a time when we can enjoy the freedoms that we once enjoyed, and dare I say, took for granted. Until that time, the District will be performing their essential functions, to provide you with high-quality water in a safe manner.