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Aromas Water's NewsSplash! First Quarter 2019

2019 is a special year for Aromas Water. Later this year we will be celebrating our 60th Anniversary of providing high quality water to our community, so check back in the next quarter for more details…

We are thrilled to welcome our new Customer Service Representative, Naomi Bowman, who lives in Aromas and enjoys the community spirit and events that occur here. She is a cheerful and hard-working addition to our team, so do pop into the office to meet her! Read more about Naomi here

We gave a fond farewell to one of our Operators, Trevor Zelmar, who worked at the District for four years, as well as serving as an Intern for some months prior to being hired full-time. We wish Trevor luck in his future endeavors. Recruitment of a new Operator is underway, so watch this space…

The beginning of the year brought lots of enriching rain, and by the end of March we had enjoyed at total of 22.56"! When you consider in 2018 we had only had just over 13", nearly 23" was stellar! The underlying message is still to conserve water, especially in your landscaping; checking irrigation for leaks and using up the free mulch available for a short time at our premises next to the Fire Station.

Don't forget to come and visit our demonstration garden for drought tolerant plants during the AHA Garden Tour in May, specifically the Saturday before Mother's Day, so bring Mom along! There will be cuttings of various succulents available for all....see you there!