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Aromas Water's NewsSplash! First Quarter 2018

As we begin the new year, we are delighted to report that we came through the Financial Audit for Fiscal Year 2016-17 with a great review from our new Auditors, Fedak & Brown, who are very experienced with auditing Water Agencies, so we were especially reassured that we are on a par with similar districts in this area. To see the full audit report, Click here.

As we reach the middle of the Fiscal Year, our Expense Budget was reviewed and the newly updated budget was adopted by the Board and can be reviewed here.

Our Operators continue to do a wonderful job of maintaining the system to operate at its peak efficiency, with well below the national average of water loss. Proactive measures on their part frequently avoid water losses and system breakdowns – kudos to our Operations Team!

Aromas has enjoyed almost 11" of rainfall since October 1st, but we are hopeful there may be a little more before Spring moves into Summer.

Make sure you remember to take your branches and brush along to the land Fire Department during April, and the first part of May, where they will be operating a chipper to make mulch - take some mulch home to provide water retention to your garden borders and pots!