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Water Line Break Repaired on Carr Avenue, Aromas

The Aromas Water District Staff have now repaired the water line break on Carr Avenue.

Important recommendations:

  • Flush water through all the faucets in your house for about five minutes or until it runs clear.
  • Until we have tested and confirmed the water is safe, you will need to boil your drinking and cooking water.
    View and download the detailed instructions below:
Boil Water Notice - Carr Avenue 12.2.2019


Please Check to See If Your Addresses is Affected:

11 #A Carr130 Carr240 Carr
11 Carr131 Carr300 #A Carr
21 Carr137 Carr300 Carr
31 Carr145 Carr358 Carr
50 Carr151 Carr411 Carr
51 Carr153 Carr420 Carr
60 Carr189 Carr421 Carr
71 Carr197 Carr430 Carr
90 Carr201 Carr431 Carr
91 Carr205 Carr438 Pinetree
110 Carr209 Carr441 Carr
111 Carr211 Carr450 Carr
121 Carr230 Carr451 Carr
453 Carr