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Oakridge / Via Del Sol Water Supply Project (2014-15)


In 2014-15 a major project was completed to install a water service line (main), a lift station and a 100,000 gallon tank to serve Oakridge and Via Del Sol roads.

Groundbreaking December 5, 2014

Breaking Ground at Oakridge
Thank you all!

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The Oak Ridge/Via Del Sol Water Supply Project connects to Aromas Water District's existing infrastructure and includes installing 2.4 miles of distribution pipeline, 100,000 gallons of storage and a booster pump station to the residential communities on Oak Ridge Drive, Via Del Sol Drive and Dunbarton Road in Aromas.

The Project cost is $3,076,459 and financed by a $2,723,613 USDA low interest long term loan at 4% interest. The property owners benefiting from the project are being assessed over the course of 40 years for the project. Monterey County has advanced project funding of $270,500 and the HUD CDBG program has provided 2 grants totaling $121,738.

Construction services are contracted with Monterey Peninsula Engineers (MPE), scheduled for completion by June 2015.

To View Construction Documents, click on the following links:

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Oakridge Drive/Via del Sol Assessment District 

Assessment District 2013-1 Engineers Report

Jones Hall Bond Attorney: Summary of Proceedings

Key documents are:

Addendum #1

Contract Documents and Specifications

Construction Drawings